GE Healthcare – Software Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

In this role, you will:
• Collaborate with system engineers, frontend developers and software developers to implement solutions that are aligned with and extend shared platforms and solutions
• Apply principles of SDLC and methodologies like Lean/Agile/XP, CI, Software and Product Security, Scalability, Documentation Practices, refactoring and Testing Techniques
• Writes codes that meets standards and delivers desired functionality using the technology selected for the project
• Build features such as web services and Queries on existing tables
• Understand performance parameters and assess application performance
• Work on core data structures and algorithms and implement them using language of choice.

  • Design discussion with global team and decision making with respect to design Collaborate with internal and external team members and deliver as planned. Should be able to work with consultant workers and also guide them on the work day to day basis
  • Should be able to take up more responsibilities and drive the development activities with team in near future.
  • Should be able to scale up to take up the cloud development.

Education Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with basic experience.

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